[Oct 19] Getting Started With Mobile Development

Mobile development is one of the most exciting kind of projects to work on. With the proliferation of smartphones, it has been made easy to reach a large number of users via mobile apps. With the invent of App Store and Play Store, the mobile development space has grown exponentially. The technology has come along way and has made getting started with mobile development much easier.

[Oct 13-14] Build Mobile Apps With Flutter

Flutter is an exciting framework to build cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Flutter takes a unique approach to develop beautiful, pixel perfect applications on several platforms. With Flutter, we can build mobile applications in Dart language with a slight learning curve. In this session, we will learn about Flutter and what it can do for us in our next project, and we will build our first Flutter app live.

[Sep 29] Get going by building REST APIs in GO!

Do you want to build backend application but don’t like JavaScript? Let’s GO. GO (golang) is an open-source programming language with simplicity at its core. It is supported by Google is widely in use for backend and CLI applications with a growing ecosystem of communities, partners, and tools. GO has a handful to data types for simplicity. It is easy to get started with GO and build amazing applications. In this session, we will take a tour of GO lang and explore a REST API built with GO.